About the Boca Raton Florida Community

Hello New Visitor to BocaRatonFlorida.co, Boca Raton Florida

Today we are launching our community focused website for Boca Raton Florida!

My name is Mark Laymon and for the past decade I have been organizing social business networking events in our metro area. Now is the time for us to unite and take our community to another level.

Starting with the website, I have published a WordPress content management system as our platform. Within the site I am configuring the plugins BuddyPress, Time.ly, GeoDirectory, and WP Job Board for the infrastructure of the site. Vanilla Forums is coming soon.

We will be following up with special events within our local area. Hosting BarCamps, Hack-a-Thons, Conferences, and Meetups are what I specialize. If you would like to participate please contact me to join our team.

Hope you like what you find,
Mark Laymon